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Potential Presidential Candidate Grading Scale on Abortion
Who gets an A, and who gets an F.

February 5th, 2007 UPDATE: We lowered Romney's ranking from a D- to an E based on the new reports that his health care plan in Massachusetts allowed for taxpayer-funded abortions.

Romney Signed Tax-Funded Abortion Bill in 2006

Pro-Life Grade Downgraded to an "E" 

One of Mitt Romney's claims to policy success as the governor of Massachusetts is "Commonwealth Care."  The legislation (HD 4673) was introduced by Romney late in 2004 and was signed into in law 2006, less than one year ago.  In an editorial in the The Boston Globe, the governor laid out his plan and called the legislature of Massachusetts to join him in supporting it.

Former Gov. Romney is now Republican Candidate Romney and is traveling the primary states of New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Michigan claiming to be a conservative, pro-life candidate. 

Conservative, pro-life voters are, however, yet to be convinced, as was demonstrated by his recent abysmal polling numbers in his home state of Michigan - where he is well known.  Despite high name familiarity because of his father who once served as governor of Michigan, Romney's support among Republican voters remains in the single digits.

Romney's challenge is to distance himself from his own anti-family, pro-abortion positions in his 1994 US Senate campaign and his 2002 run for the governor's office in which he vowed to support legalized abortion. 

He claims that he has evolved in his thinking since 2004 and that he is now solidly pro-life. He has encouraged voters to ignore what he has said and look at his record. 

His claim to be pro-life is hobbled by a look at his record on the health care he instigated in 2004 and signed in the spring of 2006. 

Commonwealth Care provides tax-payer dollars for abortion, according to the Massachusetts website   ( 81&pageID=13&Subpages=yes#benefits)

He "evolved" to a pro-life position in 2005 and yet signed a health care which provides for tax-payer funded abortions in 2006? 

Those who are concerned about ending legalized abortion must have serious reservations about someone who is first pro-choice, then claims a conversation to a pro-life position, and then signs a bill that uses state dollars to pay for abortions.

Flip-flopping is one thing.  Being disingenuous is another. 

The Pro-Life Federation initially gave Gov. Romney a D- minus based on his record.  Only Mayor Giuliani scored lower, garnering an F. 

Because of Gov. Romney support for state-funded abortions less than one year ago, the Pro-Life Federation is lowering his grade to an E. 

It seems that Gov. Romney lacks the simple but essential character trait of standing by what he believes, something that is absolutely indispensable for service in the Oval Office.

Dr. Jerry Zandstra

President, Pro-Life Federation

New Grades Updated Feb 5th, 2007:

Previous Grades:

Pro-Life Federation Update:  Did you know that many pro-life organizations charge the candidates they endorse for using their mailing list, sometimes as much as 12 cents per name?  This adds hundreds and even thousands of dollars to candidates' cost in getting out their pro-life message.  The Pro-Life Federation is offering certified candidates access to the pro-life mailing list for free. You create a letter, send it to a mailing house, and we will supply the list to the mailing house. Please apply today for certification.

Message from Jerry Zandstra
For the past year, I have been running  for the United States Senate.  Recently, I was forced to withdraw from the race and made the decision to launch a new political action committee focused on ending abortion. My experience with Right to Life of Michigan, first gaining their endorsement and then losing it because of my pro-life stance, has demonstrated the need for a new group. This pro-life coalition will be more interested in the issue of abortion than it is with its win/loss record or its standing and position in the state.

The goal of this PAC is simple:  We will contact candidates in all national and state races and ask them to apply for certification that they are committed to life.  We will not ask about how much money they have, what their polling numbers are, or whose endorsements they already have.  Voters can find this information on candidates' website or by contacting their campaigns.

Certified candidates are those who believe that life begins at conception.  They are, by their own actions and words, committed to supporting pro-life legislation and opposing pro-abortion legislation. 

Candidates who want to end abortion will be given access to the 400,000+ people we have identified in the state as pro-life. They will be given access to the contact information of pro-life people around the state of Michigan, including phone numbers, mailing addresses and emails. This new group will not attempt to pick winners.  That will be for the voters to decide. Instead, it will be a public service to pro-life voters around the state and will provide information outlining which candidates want to end abortion.

Dr. Jerry Zandstra

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